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Regular massage can do more than just relieve tensed muscle. A truly beneficial massage can improve your posture, alleviate some long standing physical ailments, improve sleep and even help with your mental health and mood.

1. Register to be a free web member by clicking on the "Member Login" button on the top left corner of this page, then wait for your application to be approved via email.

2. Once approved, come back to this page, scroll down, select your membership option, then register and make payment.

3. You can book your treatment slots as soon as you receive your paid membership confirmation email.

You can cancel anytime with a month's notice. If you are not going to be around at any point during your subscription, you may accumulate your sessions to be delivered earlier or later when you are back. The same applies if another lockdown should occur. 

Longterm benefits
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Prioritise self-care

A paid membership with Khoo Massage Therapies is not only more cost effective, it will encourage you to prioritise your own wellbeing by carving out a routine for self-care. 



  • You can reschedule or cancel your membership anytime by logging into your account.

  • Pause your membership if you are going away, or book an extra slot in another month.

Couples Membership

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You can now share your Khoo Massage membership with a loved one. Just sign up under one of your names, then when booking a slot, inform Khoo on who will be attending by inputting it in the "notes" section.

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