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My First Blog

Three years into the business, I thought it might be finally time for me to embark on this blog. I actually did my massage course as a hobby while working full time as a marketing exec. After five long years and nearly all my favourite colleagues having moved on, I took the plunge and started Khoo Massage Therapies.

I designed and launched my website within half a day that day and with the help of a good friend who was a local yoga teacher, I was working, doing something I loved within the week. I was pinching myself in disbelief!

I have not looked back since. Well, not until recently, when dystopia hit. I am not questioning the work that I do; that I still love. But since the reality of my job is now the antithesis of the current climate, my instinct to adapt diverted me to yet another change.

Another good friend of mine and I actually came up with our respective bucket lists a year ago. My list is long and filled with random things ranging from the silly like "learning how to solve the rubiks cube" to goals that challenge me like "conquer my fear of heights". But on the very top of that dream list was my dream career; to be a both a physical as well as mental health therapist.

My experience with mental health therapy started when I was diagnosed with depression in my late twenties although I suspect I was very unwell from a much earlier age from a difficult childhood.

After years of therapy, I am happy to say that I am content, empathetic and self aware. I don't know if I would have worked as hard on truly understanding myself and attempting to relate to others if not for my condition. I have a lot to thank my therapist for.

As a massage therapist, I fall outside the realm of the quintessential spiritualist or the erudite sports professional. Neither am I really in between. My personal philosophy on physical and mental healing are very much led by instinct but more importantly by the client. I have every intention to build up my knowledge through curiosity and the hunger to learn but at the very core of it, I believe the healing process should always be driven by the one seeking the healing.

I've now enrolled myself onto a counselling course starting in September this year so that I can start to embark on my very own brand of what I believe healing should be like. I hope to use these blogs to record my journey and learnings with the view of expanding and enhancing mine and your physical and mental wellbeing. I would love it if you would explore this with me with an open mind.

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